Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services

Beagle Bay Health services

Beagle Bay on the Dampier Peninsula

Beagle Bay Health Service was established in 1986. The community of Beagle Bay has a population of around 360 people and is located on the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome.

The Beagle Bay clinic has a complement of 2 Senior AHWs, a Nurse, a full-time Clinic Manager, as well as a junior AHW.

The multi-disciplinary Beagle Bay team also includes a full-time receptionist, cleaner/gardener and driver. GP services are provided both on a fly-out basis once a week from the Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Services (BRAMS) as well as on a drive out basis for 1-2 days each week by the KAMSC Peninsula GP.

The Beagle Bay team provides a comprehensive primary health care service, including 24 hour emergency cover, and has a strong focus on preventative and population health programs; enhanced screening, early detection and management of chronic illnesses; and on community-centred maternal and child health care.

In keeping with the KAMSC philosophy of building strong local Indigenous health workforce, the Beagle Bay clinic staff provide a welcoming environment for trainees, including Aboriginal health worker trainees, nursing students, medical students and GP registrars.


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