Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services

Katjungka Clinical Services.

Kutjungka Region of WA

Kutjunka clinical services comprise the communities of Balgo, Billiluna and Mulan. The Kutjungka communities have a health committee and KAMSC provides the clinical services under contract for Western Australian Community Health Service (WACHS).

KAMSC encourages the development of local involvement in the running of health services, with the aim of local control in the future as an independent Aboriginal health service as a member of KAMSC.

There is a high proportion of young people in the Kutjungka region, approximately 55% - 60% of people are 25 years or younger.

 The people in the Kutjungka region have;

  • High level of health needs,
  • A developing curative and preventative health service (KAMSC)
  • A developing Cultural Health Service.

Traditional healing practices continue to be prominent and people will often consult a traditional healer before attending the clinic. Bush medicines, sourced from the local landscape are used for a variety of sickness and complaints. People often use a combination of traditional and contemporary medicine.

Landscape of Kutjungka



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